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Gorgeous Rottweiler Puppies

27524, Four Oaks, North Carolina, United States       11/23/2016
  • Gorgeous Rottweiler Puppies
  • Gorgeous Rottweiler Puppies
  • Gorgeous Rottweiler Puppies
  • Gorgeous Rottweiler Puppies
My mission is to breed mild temperament Rottweilers and place them in homes that will show their communities that Rottweilers are not the vicious animals they have the reputation to be. All my girls and boy come from champion bloodlines and give birth to the most gorgeous puppies you have ever seen.

My puppies are loved from the time they are born and receive the best care anyone can offer. They are given a neopar at 4 weeks and wormed weekly from the age of 2 weeks. At 2 weeks they are fed homemade chicken and rice along with a vitamin and diatomaceous earth with their breakfast feeding. They are seen by the vet between 2-3 days after birth and again at 6 weeks. Your puppy will be in excellent health and ready to give you unconditional love for many, many years.

I require a vet reference to insure my puppies are going to good homes. All puppies must be made part of the family and live within the family home.

If you are interested in one of my puppies please contact me at or text me at 919 710-5033. Also, please visit my facebook page at

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